Surly Bikes: The Guide

May 21 2024 – Brixton Cycles

Surly Bikes: The Guide
Surly Bikes: The Guide

Diary date: We will be hosting a Surly Demo day on the 20th of July 2024

Surly Bikes has been making waves in the cycling world since 1998, known for their rugged, reliable, and super versatile bikes. If you’re into bikes that can handle just about anything and don’t shy away from getting a little dirty, Surly is the brand for you. They stick to steel frames, which means their bikes are tough as nails and built to last.

Whether you're commuting through the city, packing up for a long tour, or hitting the trails, Surly's got a bike that fits the bill. They’ve got everything from fat bikes that can tackle snow and sand, to cargo bikes that can haul your food shop (and then some).

Surly doesn’t get caught up in the latest fads. Instead, they focus on making bikes that are practical, fun, and ready for whatever adventure you throw their way. Their motto, "We make serious steel bikes for people who don't take themselves too seriously," says it all. They’re all about making high-quality bikes that bring a smile to your face, no matter where you ride.




 Midnight Special

  • Type: Road Plus Bike
  • Description: Designed for smooth rides on rough roads, the Midnight Special is a road bike that accommodates larger tires for extra comfort and versatility. It's perfect for long rides on mixed terrain.



    • Type: Commuter Bike
    • Description: A practical and straightforward bike ideal for daily commuting and casual riding. The Preamble combines simplicity with reliability, making it an excellent choice for urban riders.



      • Type: Fixed Gear/Single Speed
      • Description: A classic fixed-gear bike with a minimalist design. The Steamroller is built for simplicity and speed, suitable for urban riding and track enthusiasts.



      • Type: Gravel/All-Road Bike
      • Description: Similar to the Cross-Check but with disc brakes, the Straggler offers greater stopping power and control. It's a versatile bike ideal for commuting, gravel riding, and light touring.

        Bridge Club

        • Type: Touring/Bikepacking Bike
        • Description: Designed for both on-road and off-road adventures, the Bridge Club is a versatile bike capable of handling bikepacking trips and daily commuting alike.


          Disc Trucker

          • Type: Touring Bike
          • Description: An updated version of the Long Haul Trucker, the Disc Trucker features disc brakes for better stopping power and reliability on long-distance tours with heavy loads.



            • Type: Trail Bike
            • Description: A dedicated trail bike designed for aggressive riding on rough terrain. The Grappler is built to handle technical trails and provide excellent control and stability.



              • Type: Off-Road Touring/Bikepacking Bike
              • Description: A robust bike designed for off-road touring and bikepacking. The Ogre can carry heavy loads and navigate challenging trails with ease.


                Ice Cream Truck (special order only)

                • Type: Fat Bike
                • Description: A more aggressive fat bike built for serious off-road adventures. Its wide tires offer incredible traction and stability on snow, sand, and rough trails.


                  Karate Monkey

                  • Type: Trail Bike
                  • Description: A versatile trail bike that can handle both 29er and 27.5+ wheels. It's favored by mountain bikers for its agility and durability on technical trails.


                    Krampus (special order only)

                    • Type: Plus Bike
                    • Description: Known as the first 29+ bike, the Krampus features wide 29-inch tires for enhanced traction and stability. It's perfect for rough trails and bikepacking.


                      Lowside (special order only)

                      • Type: Single Speed Trail Bike
                      • Description: A fun and nimble single-speed trail bike designed for simplicity and agility on the trails. It's great for riders who enjoy a minimalist, playful ride.


                        Wednesday (special order only)

                        • Type: Fat Bike
                        • Description: A versatile fat bike built for year-round use. The Wednesday can handle snow, sand, and singletrack with ease, offering a smooth and stable ride.



                          Big Dummy

                          • Type: Longtail Cargo Bike
                          • Description: A sturdy cargo bike designed for hauling heavy loads. The Big Dummy is perfect for carrying groceries, kids, or any large cargo with stability and ease.


                            Each of these models reflects Surly’s commitment to practicality, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re commuting to work, setting off on a cross-country tour, or exploring remote trails, Surly has a bike designed to meet your needs.