Bicycle Servicing

At Brixton Cycles, we recommend getting your bike serviced at least once a year, or if you're riding a lot, twice a year. Our expert team of mechanics have 80+ years of experience between them, making Brixton Cycles the perfect workshop to get your bike back to its original state.

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We try to finish services the day they're booked in for but sometimes when this isn't possible, they carry over to the next day. Please note that because of the time invested in a Senior Service we cannot offer same day turn around for this level, it may take a couple of days.



Servicing Packages & Pricing 


Other services    

See below for an overview of the most popular services we offer. If you do not see something you require on the list below, contact us on the contact us page and we'll be sure to do our best to accommodate. Please note: parts are not included on any of the labour.


Service **Parts NOT Included** Price (from)
Tyres & Tubes (Per item)
Fit tyre / tube (has a recycling fee for the tube/tyre included into the cost of the job) £12.00
Prams (per wheel) £12.00
Hub gear / coaster / drum brake tyre / tube £20.00
Tubeless Setup (PER WHEEL) £25.00
Chaincase fit tyre/tube (For Dutch bikes/Cargo Bikes/E-BIKES) £40.00
Rim brakes (one pair of brakes, i.e front or back)   
Adjustment (no new parts) £12.00 
Adjustment (with new parts installed) £16.00 
Disc brakes (one pair of brakes, i.e front or back)  
Cable setup £20.00
Hydraulic setup (excluding hose trimming) £20.00
Brake bleed (DOT5 and Mineral Fluid) £25.00
Wheels (per item)  
Wheel true £20.00
Hub service £20.00
Wheel build £59.00
Hub gear service £40.00
Adjustment (no new parts) £12.00
Adjustment (new parts installation) £16.00
Internally routed cable replacement £25.00
Fit cassette & chain £30.00
Fit crankset £15.00
Re-fit chain £16.00
Whole transmission degrease & adjustment £40.00
Hardware fitting  
Fit saddle/seatpost £12.00
Fit rack £15.00
Fit bartape £15.00
Fit mudguards £20.00
Fit computer £15.00
Fit flat/riser bars or stem (Ahead) £15.00
Fit drop/butterly bars or stem only (Quill) £25.00
Fit bars with brake set up only £35.00
Fit dynamo/re-wire dynamo £40.00
Fit childseat (unless bought from us, is labour FOC) £40.00
Fit flat/riser bars with STI's (setting up gears & brakes) £50.00
Fit drop bars w/ STI's and bartape (setting up the gears,brakes & tape) £60.00