Surly Bikes - The Guide

Few brands can match the versatility of Surly’s range of bikes. Known for their funky ideas and down-to-earth image, this ragtag bunch makes exceptional bicycles that somehow strike the perfect balance of being rather niche and yet totally universal.


What Are Surly All About?

Surly’s passion lies in riding bikes. Simple as that. It's not about winning races, it's about getting out there and experiencing the world in the best way possible – from the saddle. Whether you’re new to riding or a veteran of the game, commuting to and from work or touring across the world, their bikes are functional, robust and instantly recognisable, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Despite their prowess in the cycling world, they take pride in not taking themselves too seriously. Sticking to their roots and maintaining the light-hearted image that we’ve known and loved them for over the last 20+ years, Surly has created some truly unique bicycles and we can’t get enough of them.


Range Highlights

Surly's selection of frames and complete bikes really does cover the full spectrum, from nippy runabouts like the Steamroller to the superhauling monster that is the Big Dummy. If you're looking to hit the trails then we're here to chat about the Krampus or Karate Monkey, but at Brixton most of our pals and patrons (and staff) are the biggest fans of the following Surly machines. 



Dubbed as their gravel commuter, the Straggler is an ideal all-rounder for the rough-and-ready roadie. Truly versatile, this bike struggles to be out of place in any scenario, from all-road touring to city cruising – it’s a cyclocross bike with a hint of everything!

Surly’s own 4130 CroMoly tubing is as smooth as ever, offering plenty of comfort even on the long haul, and a generous helping of mounting points throughout means you won’t run out of storage space either. 650b or 700c, geared or single-speed – thanks to the clever geometry and horizontal dropouts, the Straggler can quite literally do it all.


Disc Trucker 

From town to town, continent to continent – whatever the scale, the Disc Trucker is the ultimate long-distance touring bike. Surly’s steel stallion provides a smooth ride and is as close to bombproof as a bike will get. Littered with mounting points, dynamo routing up-front and built with a carefully considered endurance geometry, taking the kitchen sink with you on your travels isn’t out of the question.

Utilising all of the same qualities that the Long Haul Trucker is known for, the Disc Trucker takes things a little further. Employing the use of disc brakes, it offers superior stopping power for when the load is heavy and the road gets rough – when you need them you’ll be glad they’re there.


Midnight Special 

Special by name, special by nature – the Midnight Special is the drop-bar bike that’ll take you to uncharted territory. Delivering a familiar ride for the roadie but with clearance to allow for bigger tyres on rougher surfaces, the road-plus format is ideal for navigating broken tarmac or sending it when your route takes you off the beaten track. This versatile bike will eat up bumps, maintain your speed and keep you comfortable whilst doing it.

Chunky 650b tyres make short work of unruly terrain, and should you opt for 700c, the Midnight Special can accommodate without an issue! The beauty of wider clearance and higher volume tyres is the ability to tune your ride depending on the surface. Take some air out for a wider contact patch on loose gravel or keep things a bit more rigid on smooth tarmac.


Bridge Club 

Take things off-road or commute across the city – labelled by our very own Terry as the “urban mountain bike”, the Bridge Club is just as comfortable on single-track as it is navigating the city streets. 

The Bridge Club doesn’t judge: whether you want to run 700x35c tyres ready for inner-city riding or switch them out for 27.5 trail-ready knobblies, pick what’s best for you and it’ll go with the flow. Racks, panniers, frame bags and any other luggage paraphernalia you can dream of can be attached to the array of mounting points throughout, equally handy on the daily commute or all-road touring. Add a bit of grit to your riding, or don’t – whatever takes your fancy, this unique steed is equipped to tackle it.