Wheel Building


Wheel building is the real mainstay of our workshop. We build custom wheels maybe three times a day, and we put an immense amount of care into each and every wheel we build.

Off-road tourers built for the harshest conditions? We got you covered. Super lightweight carbon wheels for racing? We can do that, too. Our speciality though – practical, long-lasting wheels for the everyday grind. Quality wheels, built to last. 

Turnaround depends on the business of our workshop and complexity of each build. We'll keep you updated with every step. When it comes to cost, we charge £59 per wheel for labour. Parts can range from the economical to the highly exotic! No matter what, the work will be done with passion, precision and expertise. 

Feel free to drop in and chat to us about spokes, rims and hub options, and we'll advise as per your needs.