Salsa Journeyer: Attainable All-Road

June 22 2022 – Brixton Cycles

Salsa Journeyer: Attainable All-Road
Salsa Journeyer: Attainable All-Road

Salsa’s new addition to their 2022 lineup aims to make all-road and gravel accessible to everyone, building on the legacy of the Journeyer’s predecessor, the ‘Journeyman’. With the new name comes more functionality, increased performance and a boatload of fun, all while sticking to the attainable price point – what’s not to like? Slotting right between Salsa’s performance-oriented Warbird and adventure-focused Vaya, the Journeyer strikes a happy medium of the two and serves as the perfect gateway into everything all-road!

When it comes to adventure-adept machines that won’t break the bank, the Journeyer is hard to beat. Here’s our overview of what’s new and the all-road-ready spec:

What’s New?


The new 6061-T6 aluminium frame has seen a number of tweaks and changes for 2022, building on the Journeyer’s multi-terrain prowess and cementing its place as an excellent choice for those that don’t want their riding to be pigeonholed. Stability is the primary objective, making for a more confident and ultimately comfortable ride even on gnarlier terrain.

To achieve this, Salsa has increased the length of the top tube, increased the height of the BB by 2mm and slackened the head tube to a particularly laid-back 69.5°. This really sets it apart from most of the mainstream all-road offerings (typically around 72-73°), sitting closer to what you might’ve expected to see on MTBs of recent years, harking back to Salsa’s drop-bar MTB DNA. Depending on your bar choice (more on that later!), the frame will have a slightly different stack and reach to accommodate.


By popular demand, Salsa has introduced three fork options including both thru-axle and quick-release with the new all-road Journeyer. Depending on your chosen spec, your options are as follows:

  • Waxwing Fork (Carbon, thru-axle)
  • Fantail Deluxe Fork (Aluminium, thru-axle)
  • Fantail Fork (Aluminium, quick-release)

Each system has its benefits, so it ultimately comes down to preference. Thru-axle has the advantage of a slightly more rigid wheel-frame interface, as well as a more accurate wheel placement – ideal for disc brake alignment. Quick-releases are simple and easy, making wheel removal a breeze, and are marginally lighter.


Internal Routing

Who doesn’t like a neat-looking bike? The new Journeyer now features internal cable routing for a clean but still easy-to-maintain setup – but it’s not all about vanity: routing the cables and hoses internally keeps them out of harm’s way and away from the elements to keep wear and tear to a minimum. 

Internal routing for a dropper seatpost is also a welcome addition, giving you the option to go full-shred if that’s your cup of tea!

Luggage Galore

No adventure bike is complete without mounts, and the new Salsa Journeyer certainly isn’t short of a few. Whether you’re heading out on your first overnighter or embarking on a multi-day cross-continental epic, the Journeyer has got you covered. 

Complete with two Three-Pack mounts on the fork, a top tube mount, accessory mounts under the down tube as well as rack and mudguard mounts, short of the kitchen sink, you can take pretty much anything with you on your travels! The larger frame sizes even have room for up to three bottles in the main triangle – what more could you want?

The Spec

The Journeyer is all about versatility and reliability, so Salsa has carefully specced the new addition to meet those very requirements regardless of budget. With 18 specs to choose from, there’s bound to be a bike that works for you!


Grace the gravel with the speed and versatility of a drop bar, or throw it back to the days of rigid fork MTBs in the 90s by opting for a flat bar – the choice is yours! Drop bars are ideal for those that’ll be riding on a mix of tarmac, gravel and trails, offering a range of hand positions to make riding comfortable in all situations. Flat bars are great for those looking for stability and shred-ability if your riding is more off-road oriented, providing a stable position that can be flung around on the singletrack without a hitch.

Depending on your bar selection, the geometry of the frame is adapted to suit: on the drop-bar models you’ll find a higher stack and reduced reach, while the flat-bar models are slightly lower and longer to make up for the difference in handlebar shapes.

Wheel Size

700c, or 650b, that is the question. Well, with the Journeyer you don’t have to make up your mind – compatible and optimised for both wheel sizes, you can ride whatever you like. With an abundance of clearance (700x56mm or 650x58mm), you’ll be soaking up all the road buzz and trail chatter without an issue – no terrain is off-limits with the Journeyer!


For a do-it-all bike, only the most reliable and dependable groupset will cut the mustard. Salsa has specced their range with both SRAM and Shimano componentry for shifting and braking that you can count on every time. Either way, you can’t go wrong, but the main question remains: 1x or 2x?

As with everything, each system has its own benefits and drawbacks, but luckily you have the freedom to choose. 2x is great for those tackling both tarmac and gnarly terrain, offering the widest range of gears with minimal jumps between cogs. 1x keeps things simple, opting for a single chainring up front paired with a larger cassette at the back to maximise gear range. Eliminating the front derailleur has the advantage of chain security and ease of use, so you don’t get caught fumbling at the bottom of a steep incline! 

For more information or to place an order of your own, head in-store or contact us – we’re happy to help!