The Surly Bridge Club

The Surly Straggler

The Bikes

Bridge Club

This all-road, all-terrain, all-day touring bike is built for one thing and one thing only – to haul ass and have a blast! At first glance, you might think it's just another hybrid/town bike that's great for running errands around the city, but don't let its humble appearance fool you! This bad boy is a continent-crossing cruiser that's ready to take on anything and everything you can throw at it.


Simply calling this Surly’s ‘gravel commuter’ doesn’t do the bike justice. Capable of going far beyond the city limits, the Straggler certainly doesn’t shy away from an adventure. Made from tough 4130 CroMoly steel, it's built to handle anything you dare throw at it! This city-slicker CX bike is smooth as butter and strong as an ox, ready to take on any adventure you can dream up!

Handlebar Setup

Flat Bar (Bridge Club)

The Bridge Club with a flat bar is ready for any adventure, whether it's shredding trails or just cruising the city. With its sharp handling and relaxed riding position, it'll make tight corners and tricky terrain feel like a breeze. And let's not forget the added bonus of all that bar-mounted bag space – you'll be packed and ready for your next off-road tour in no time.

Drop Bar (Straggler)

Cover ground and stay comfortable: drop bars benefit from multiple hand positions, so you can switch it up when you’re feeling fatigued on those long, bumpy rides. Plus, they give you a speed advantage by allowing for more aerodynamic positioning on the bike, perfect for when you want to pick up the pace.


Relaxed (Bridge Club)

The Bridge Club's relaxed geometry allows for a more comfortable ride thanks to its upright riding position. Whether you're out on the open road or off the beaten path, it offers a smooth and stable ride, allowing you to focus on the scenery instead of your aching back.

Aggressive (Straggler)

Admittedly, calling the Straggler’s geometry aggressive is a bit of a reach (pun intended!). However, with more reach, less stack and a drop bar setup, the Straggler airs on the side of speed with better handling and stability when the pace goes up.


1x (Bridge Club)

Forget shifting woes when you're going up steep hills. Opting for a 1x setup keeps things simple, eliminating the front mech while still offering plenty of speed. With a small chainring and a big-ol' cassette, you can spin your way up steep inclines with ease, even when you're fully loaded.

1x (Straggler)

Mile munching is the Straggler’s middle name. Though it also opts for a 1x setup, it comes with slightly bigger gear ratios thanks to a 42t chainring, providing a higher top-end speed so you can get from A to B in no time. With the wide-range cassette at the rear, hills are no match for this steel machine.

Tyre Clearance

Wide (Bridge Club)

In the spirit of Surly’s ‘Fatties Fit Fine’ mantra, the Bridge Club’s frame and fork have clearance for up to 27.5x2.8” and 700x47mm (even with mudguards!). Plenty of space for winter knobblies and comfy slicks when the sun comes out.

Narrow (Straggler)

Narrow is a relative term here – whether you opt for a 650b or 700c Straggler, both setups provide plenty of clearance up to 42mm, even with mudguards. That’s more than enough room for chunky tyres for the trails, or narrower, faster-rolling tyres for the road.

Our Verdict

Bridge Club

The Surly Bridge Club is the ultimate touring bike, designed for long-distance riding and carrying heavy loads. It's a true workhorse, with a comfortable riding position, ample clearance for large tyres and mudguards, and a wide range of gears for tackling any terrain. If you're planning a cross-country tour or just love carrying everything but the kitchen sink on your rides, the Bridge Club is the bike for you.


On the other hand, the Surly Straggler is the ultimate "do-it-all" bike. With a more ‘aggressive’ geometry and sportier handling, it's perfect for everything from road miles to gravel excursions. The Straggler is a perfect choice for those who want a versatile bike that can handle short trips and light loads. And let's not forget that it is a bit more nimble, perfect for those who like to inject some speed into their adventures.

What You Should Pick

Each with its own unique purpose and strengths, both the Bridge Club and Straggler are worthy contenders, but to pick one is like picking a favourite out of your children. It all comes down to what kind of riding you plan on doing, and what kind of rider you are. So, choose wisely and go out there and explore the world on two wheels!