Brixton Builds | Brother Mehteh

June 18 2024 – Brixton Cycles

Brixton Builds | Brother Mehteh
Brixton Builds | Brother Mehteh

We absolutely love doing custom builds at Brixton Cycles, as we love building bikes that truly unique to each person and fulfil their exact needs. 

One of our latest build was a Brother Mehteh for a custom who'd come all the way from New Zealand. Might have been to meet fellow Kiwi G, who's been part of at Brixton Cycles for years now. 

We've been selling Brother Cycles for a while now and it's been super popular with our crew and customers. Despite being established in 2010, they are experienced in producing high-quality frames. The family-run business began in the heart of London and is now located in the Kent countryside, where their studio, workshop, and warehouse are based. It's worth noting that the founders are indeed brothers. If you're interested, you can find more information about Brother Cycles and their range of bikes here.


Frameset: Brother Cycles Mehteh

The Brother Mehteh frame is like the Swiss Army knife of bikes, ready for any adventure you throw its way. The name “Mehteh,” meaning “no limits” in Tibetan, perfectly captures its spirit of boundless adventure.

Made from Reynolds 725 steel, the Mehteh is tough enough to handle rugged trails and comfortable enough for all-day rides. This frame is your ultimate adventure buddy, absorbing bumps and vibrations so you can focus on the fun. With tons of mounting points for racks, fenders, and bottle cages, it’s ready to carry everything you need for epic bikepacking trips.

The geometry of the Mehteh is all about control and stability. Whether you're cruising down smooth roads or tackling gnarly trails, the slightly slacker head angle and longer wheelbase keep you steady and confident. Plus, it’s tire-friendly, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect setup for any terrain.



Wheelset and Tyres: DT Swiss E512 and Hope Pro 5 hubs / Terravail Washburn

The custom built DT Swiss E512 enduro rims are laced onto Hope Pro 5 hubs and are built to last, offering durability and performance. With sturdy aluminum rims featuring a 25mm internal width, these wheels support wider tires for improved traction and stability. 

The Terravail Washburn tires are ideal for gravel and adventure cycling, combining speed and traction. Featuring a slick center tread for low rolling resistance and aggressive side knobs for excellent cornering grip, they perform well on both pavement and loose gravel. These tubeless-ready tires allow for lower pressures, enhancing comfort and reducing flats. We chose to go for their Durable casing option, as they provide a smooth ride and increased puncture protection. They can also come with a Light and Supple casing option. 



Racks: Algyn Front Rack and Tubus Rear Rack

The Algyn Front Rack is your trusty sidekick for cycling adventures, ready to haul all your essentials with style and stability. Crafted from super-durable materials, it can handle your heaviest loads without breaking a sweat. Perfect for touring and commuting, it’s like having a mini SUV on the front of your bike, ready for action.

The Tubus Rear Rack is the heavyweight champion of bike racks. Known for its rock-solid construction and ability to carry hefty panniers, it’s a favorite among long-distance cyclists. This rack is built to last, making sure your gear stays secure on the bumpiest rides. Think of it as your bike’s best friend, always reliable and ready for any journey.


Interested in conjuring up a custom build creation of your own? Find out more about our Custom Shop here.