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Brixton Cycles is a worker-owned cooperative with a mission: to inspire a revolution.


Ghandi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We strive to embody this ethic. Brixton Cycles is fully committed to our core values, which are:


Customer of the Month, June 2015

Women and Gender Variant Bike Maintenance Class

We do offer Bike Maintenance Classes. Please, check our Facebook or Twitter for the latest info. Classes are free, but we do ask for a contribution to our moving fund.

Co-op Member Review on Genesis Borough

Every so often, there's a commuter bike that stands out, miles ahead of the competition. When we heard that Genesis were introducing another model to their already stacked line up, we just had to get one in. Here is the Genesis Borough 2015 Model. Firstly, hats off to Genesis with this one. They were able to make what seems and feels to be the perfect bike for commuting and leisure all in one, but more importantly, how were they able to achieve this at a really good price point.

Customer of the Month, March 2015

Every bicycle shop aims to attract a targeted customer base and Brixton Cycles is no exception. There is a particular kind of customer that forms the major part of our clientele: awesome. One such awesome individual is our Customer of the Month, Alison Powell.

Customer of the Month, December 2014

Our customers cum friends have been along for ride with us all the way, and it’s been an exciting thirty-first year. We at Brixton Cycles wish our customer of the month, Aba, and all you awesome individuals a Merry Christnakkah and a Happy New Year. Peace on the roads, and Goodwill to all two-wheeled kind!

All My Friends Are Cyclists, What Should I Get Them?!

We've got loads of great prezzies for your favorite peeps. While stock lasts, all gift vouchers over £25 come with a FREE pint glass or mug! If you can't make it to us, try out our shiny new Merch Shop for a tidy selection of BC stuff.

Online Shop: All Systems Go

BC Cap

Fret no more! The Brixton Cycles online shop has finally launched. The webby shop has a selection of BC shirts, caps, and other accessories that you so desperately need, all modeled by fabulous co-op workers. International shipping available, so members of the extended BC family can fly the flag like the rest of us. Visit the shiny webstore here.

Customer of the Month, September 2014

At Brixton Cycles, we like to give recognition to the folks at the centre of everything we do: Our customers. This September's Customer of the Month is a fellow you may already have heard of, Keith Bontrager. He’s kind of a big deal. He has also been a regular at Brixton Cycles for over twenty five years. For more on Keith, read the full article.

Customer of the Month, July 2014

Here at BC we like to give props to those individuals who have contributed to the fabulousness of Brixton over the years. This month, let us introduce Tim Jacques. Tim says he loves Brixton Cycles because we're "not just working for the man.” Which is entirely true: we are working for individuals like Tim, who put the awesome back in this city. Respect!

You can find out more about this lovely man in the full article.