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Wheelbuilding At Brixton Cycles

Wheelbuilding At Brixton Cycles

Wheelbuilding At Brixton Cycles

Factory-built wheels will always have their place, but going custom is the best way to find the perfect set to suit your riding and wheel building has been a mainstay of our workshop for many years. Should your next set of hoops be tailor-made? Step into the Savile Row of Round Things That Go, and we’ll measure you up.

Track Day Minimalism To All-Day Overlanding

A key advantage to bespoke wheel builds is that the builder can talk through your requirements before advising on the parts and technique for building. A set of wheels that will only ever be used on the boards of a velodrome don’t need the same construction as a set destined for a road-going fixed gear tourer. A pair of mountain bike wheels could just as easily be for racing on an enduro circuit as for riding the length of South America, but a custom wheel build will ensure that the choices are made in the right way for your purpose. 

At the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you’re looking to save some weight on your road race machine. No problem at all. We have access to plenty of lightweight rim and spoke options, and you may be surprised at how well the cost per gram lines up with the factory-built competition. The added advantage of handbuilt here is that handbuilt wheels can be tensioned to tighter tolerances, giving a more resilient finished wheel. 

No matter what the intended use for your wheels, a quality build will pay dividends. We’re not elitists (as any shop regular will confirm!) always keen to build a fancy set of carbon hoops, in fact, tough reliable wheels for workhorse commuters would probably be our speciality. 

the tools and the result of custom wheel building by brixton cycles

A New Lease Of Life

Of course, it’s not just about the new – just because the brake track is looking rather concave, doesn’t mean that L’Eroica-qualifying Super Record wheelset has to become an ornament (lovely as they’d look on a wall). We’ll source a new rim with an appropriate aesthetic, rebuild, and have them rolling the strade bianche again for years to come.

How Much?

The cost in workshop time for a basic wheel build is £50, but most of the cost comes from the parts. We’re firm believers in sticking to good quality component for long-lasting results, but this doesn’t mean the build will be prohibitively expensive. A ballpark figure for a front wheel would be just £130 in parts for a standard touring or road wheel, though it can go up almost infinitely depending on how exotic a specification you’d like! Pop in for a chat and we can run through the options.

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