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Unfolding The New Brompton Range

Unfolding The New Brompton Range

Unfolding The New Brompton Range

Brompton Bicycles are a hallmark of British engineering – compact, convenient and suitably stylish, these folding bikes have cemented themselves as a commuter essential, and we’re here for it!

The beauty of the Brompton is its versatility: come up with new journey methods and figure out faster ways of getting from A to B, mix and match modes of transport and eliminate tube station dog legs for journey times you never thought possible! When it comes to streamlining your daily commute, no bike does it better – there’s no need to lock it up or secure it outside once you reach the office, simply fold up and walk in! 



Traditionally, making a custom order was a tricky affair with small batches out of their London-based factory and so many product codes, letters and numbers. However, for 2022 Brompton has completely revamped its lineup to make it more accessible, so you can find your perfect Brompton bicycle! Here’s our breakdown of the new range.


The New Range

Brompton has taken a new approach with their new range, overhauling the lineup, introducing some great new features, and catering to a wider range of budgets and needs – say hello to the A Line, C Line, P Line and T Line!



A Line

The most affordable of the bunch, it’s the Brompton bicycle in its simplest form. Consisting of one model, the A Line is available only in gloss white, features a low-maintenance 3-speed hub gear, and uses the ‘Mid’ riser bar to put the rider in a comfortable position – ideal for day-to-day riding. 

There are no bells and whistles here, but whilst the A Line doesn’t come with mudguards, rack or a folding pedal, it is still compatible with these accessories should you want to upgrade down the line.



C Line

The classic Brompton, it’s the versatile machine that we know and love, perfect for inner-city commuting and country-side cruising at the weekend. The C Line comes with all the essential accessories and is available in three different gearing options, three different handlebar choices and a whole range of colours to choose from to make it your own. It’s even available as an electric bike!

The C Line is going to be the mainstay of our core range here at Brixton Cycles, and we’ll take a closer look at it below. 



P Line

This replaces the ‘Superlight’ model from yesteryear, and uses the same combination of steel and titanium that gave it such a title in the previous lineup. At just over 2kg lighter than the C Line, the P Line makes carrying to and from the train or up and down the stairs that bit easier. 

That’s not where the fun ends. The P Line features new wheels, has been tricked out with brand new drivetrain components to make it lighter, simpler and more efficient, and includes a new lockable seatpost for the option to set it halfway for rolling or fully down for carrying. Mudguards are included and the P Line is available with the same ‘Low’, ‘Mid’ or ‘High’ handlebar options.



T Line

This sits right at the top of the Brompton range and represents their most radical redesign of our favourite folding bike since its release. The T Line features a full titanium frame built entirely in-house at their Sheffield factory, complete with a carbon fork and a slew of carbon components to achieve an impressive weight of 7.45kg off the shelf. 

Available in two gearing options: Urban (4-speed) and One (single-speed), you can choose what suits your needs. The T Line is like gold dust – made in very small batches, they can be very hard to get your hands on! 



C-Line: A Closer Inspection

Our core range of Bromptons that you’ll find in-store will be the C Line Explore, ticking all the boxes in terms of functionality, price and style, perfect for any urban riding enthusiast – let’s take a closer look!



Of course, it keeps the same 3-part fold design that’s made it so convenient since 1975, enhanced over the years to make it the best bike possible. As the saying goes – ‘steel is real’ – and the same applies to Brompton: robust and reliable, these steel frames will last a lifetime, withstanding the trials and tribulations of daily riding and offering an excellent ride quality. There are 13 colours to choose from, so whether you prefer a stealthier look or like to stand out, there’s always a bike to suit your style. 



Available in 3 gearing options, you can configure your C Line to suit your needs:


Urban: 2-speed

Simple but effective. Perfect for flatter areas and city settings, you’ve got one gear for setting off, and one for cruising. The single trigger shifter removes any complication and makes the C Line Urban the lightest of the bunch.


Utility: 3-speed

Sealed away from the elements and very low maintenance, the C Line Utility uses Brompton’s 3-speed hub gear. One extra gear can make all the difference, and this setup offers a surprisingly wide range that’ll make urban undulations easier on the legs. Stationary shifting is also a standout feature, particularly useful on stop-start commutes.


Explore: 6-speed 

Combine the 2-speed derailleur with the wide range internal hub gear and you’ve got the Explore! With 6 gears at its disposal, the C Line Explore is the perfect Brompton for the city and beyond, whether that’s your mid-week commute or weekend adventures. 



The Art Of The Fold

The Brompton fold is a beautiful thing – who would've thought you'd be able to compact a bicycle down to the size of its wheel? Invented by Andrew Ritchie in 1975, the Brompton's folding mechanism was truly ahead of its time, and to this day is what sets these bikes apart. 

Sophisticatedly simple. The Brompton folds and unfolds in four simple steps:



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