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One-Stop Winter Winners: Trek Equipped Hybrids

One-Stop Winter Winners: Trek Equipped Hybrids

One-Stop Winter Winners: Trek Equipped Hybrids

The term ‘hybrid’ may be one you are familiar with, as these multi-purpose bikes have long been the choice of urban riders and commuters. So what’s all the fuss about? As the name might suggest, hybrids borrow a blend of features from both MTB and road: namely the flat bars and upright geometry for comfort with a road style frame for speed and manoeuvrability. All in all, this creates a versatile machine that can be used for the daily commute during the week or touring the country at the weekend.


Why Hybrid?

These bikes are built to stand the test of time. The aluminium or steel frame tubing is capable of withstanding day to day wear and tear without running the risk of failure, giving you the confidence to keep riding them day in, day out. Adorned with mounting points, racks for your work luggage are easily fitted along with mudguards to not only keep you dry but also stop the bike’s components from getting caked in road muck!

Hybrids are budget-friendly and easily maintained. Componentry choice plays a large part in this – 10/11/12-speed step aside, good old 8/9-speed reigns supreme in the world of hybrids. Generous tolerances and sturdier materials put these drivetrains at the top of the tree as they’re hard-wearing, simple to maintain and inexpensive to repair or replace.


What Is The Trek Equipped Range?

Trek has spent a lot of time and money developing their range of hybrids over the years, and if their latest iterations are better than ever. The idea of the ‘Equipped’ range is to set you up with the essentials you need for everyday riding, saving you the headache of sourcing compatible parts and accessories yourself after buying your new bike. Each ‘Equipped’ hybrid comes with a rear rack, mudguards, front/rear lights and kickstand fitted as standard – ideal for winter, ready to go out of the box!


Range Highlights

FX – Fitness-Focused Commuter

The Trek FX range has been around for as long as anything in the bike industry, and for good reason – popular amongst urban riders, it's consistently one of the best selling hybrids on the market. When it comes to fitness-focused commuters there’s no need to look any further: lightweight, comfortable, fun to ride and equipped with all the kit you need for the daily commute!


Dual-Sport – Off-Road Flare

Feeling adventurous? For the urban rider looking to broaden their horizons, the Dual-Sport lets you take that bridleway or head into the wilderness for some added spice in your daily commute. The addition of a suspension fork and chunkier tyres provides off-road capabilities yet retains its speed on the road for those days where work can’t wait.


District – City Cruiser

Cool and classy: the District is a unique city cruiser commuter bike. Boasting a trusty belt drive and internal hub gear combination, you'll be running smoothly and efficiently year-round and look good whilst doing it! Belt drives are commonplace in long-distance touring setups thanks to their hard-wearing and virtually maintenance-free operation, ideal for daily commuting.


Verve – Calm And Collected 

For the calm and collected commuter or recreational rider, the Verve is the bike for you. Comfort and compliance are at the core of this bike – fitted with a suspension fork and suspension seatpost, it takes lumps and bumps in its stride. Complemented by an upright position and wider tyres for a plush ride, the Verve will get you to your destination with a smile on your face.

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