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Ditching The Hustle: Route Guide

Ditching The Hustle: Route Guide

Ditching The Hustle: Route Guide

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining – summer is starting to settle in, but finding an opportunity to enjoy it can be hard. Life in the city can catch up with you, so why not escape from the hustle and bustle and give yourself some well-earned you time by venturing out on two wheels? Nothing clears the head quite like cruising along the tracks and trails without a care in the world – it’s just you and the bike! 

With the help of the wizards over at BCC, we’ve assembled some of our favourite city escape routes for you to sink your teeth into this summer.



BCC Trailz Ride

What better way to start the list than with a BCC favourite! Starting at the club-famous St. Germain Cafe on the corner of Crystal Palace Park, a short ride from BC, the route heads South out of town and in and around the Surrey Hills for a fantastic day out. Not an easy route by any means, but a good challenge for riders of all abilities that want to venture out of the Big Smoke.




Richmond Park Ramble

Richmond Park is a popular spot for London-based cyclists, and for good reason! Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but the Tamsin Trail is a great way to get your off-road fix for the day without having to head further afield. B-lining straight from Brixton to Richmond, time off the tarmac is maximised, so don’t forget your chunky tyres. This time of year things are relatively tame, but be warned: things can get muddy if it rains and pours!




Morden Hall Meander

If you’d rather head somewhere a bit more low-key that’s just as close to home, we’ve got you covered! Morden Park is a great alternative to Richmond Park, providing all the green space you need for a quick getaway ride with a lower population density – and it’s just down the road from Brixton! Head to and fro via the Wandle Trail, and you’ll have yourself a fun little inner-city off-road adventure.




Surrey Hills Classic

Looking to get a bit more out of town? Hop and skip along to Vauxhall station and make a short journey to Dorking, where you’ll uncover a whole world of trail riding possibilities in the Surrey Hills. This lumpy loop is a BCC classic and isn’t for the faint of heart, but take it at your own pace and you’re in for a whale of a time.



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