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BC's Christmas Gift Guide

BC's Christmas Gift Guide

BC's Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but in amongst the joys of seeing friends and family there can be an air of panic as we frantically scramble to find gifts that they will love and appreciate. Us cyclists can be a finicky bunch – what do you buy for the cyclist that’s got it all? Well, hopefully, that’s what we can answer for you. If you’ve got a close friend or family member that is partial to two wheels or you yourself are trying to offer up gift ideas to those asking, keep on reading!



Stocking Fillers

These little gifts are great bike-related goodies to remind your loved one that you’re fully aware of their passion for two-wheeled transport!



This one has probably caught your attention if you’re not all that familiar with bike stuff, but bear with us. Though your loved one’s appreciation for bicycles is unconditional and whilst love knows no bounds, we can (almost) certainly assure you that it’s entirely platonic. 

We cyclists can’t get enough of cleaning products, especially at this time of year. Lots of cleaning goes on in the winter, so it’s probably safe to assume that supplies are low. It doesn’t matter what it is, from chain lube to degreaser, anything to preserve their beloved bicycle will put a smile on their face.




This might be considered a Christmas faux pas in the traditional sense, but in the cycling world we see things differently. You may have heard of the N+1 rule when it comes to bikes, and the same applies to socks – the bigger your collection, the better cyclist you are, right?

Don’t hold back with interesting designs, the funkier the better. A good set of socks is one that stands out from the crowd, seared into the minds of onlookers for eternity. As a stocking filler, it doesn’t get much better – because it’s a sock... in a stocking... which is a type of sock – I’ll see myself out.



Cycling Cap

Much like socks, the humble cycling cap bears some significance in the cycling world. Whilst it may serve a practical purpose of warmth or on the odd occasion protecting your head from the sun, it’s all about the fashion baby!

Bear your club’s name or represent your favourite independent local bike shop *hint hint* as you roam the streets, knowing that you look damn good whilst doing it!



Brixton Cycles Gift Voucher

If you simply can’t think of anything that the cyclist in your life might want or need, make them do all the hard work! Our vouchers range from £10.00 to £500.00, so pretty much everything is covered – they can be used on anything in the shop: bikes, accessories, servicing, take your pick. Think of it like a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card, you really can’t go wrong!



Bigger Bits

Now that the stocking fillers are covered, you’ll need something to go under the tree – after all, you can’t let the time spent sweeping up the needles from underneath it go to waste!



There’s nothing quite like rolling on a fresh set of rubber. Once the winter closes out, if they don’t need a new set of tyres from wear and tear, they’ll likely want to swap them out for something a bit more suited to drier conditions. Treat their bike to some fresh boots. 

Tyres come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s worth doing some detective work to figure out exactly what you need (top tip: sizes will always be printed on the side of the tyre!). Whatever discipline they might favour, we have it covered.



Floor Pump

You’d be surprised at how many times we hear people say they only have hand pumps at home! Whilst hand pumps are the perfect solution for puncture repairs out on the road, floor pumps are much easier to use, ideal for pumping up your tyres in a pinch rather than sitting there for 10 minutes with a pocket-sized alternative.




If putting a tiny lock on a bridge in Paris is a sign of love and affection, imagine what an Abus Granit D-Lock will do for you. Keeping your bicycle safe is a top priority – lose the bike and there won’t be much cycling going on. A robust lock is the perfect gift for the cyclist that is prone to leaving their bike out in the open. After all, there’s no gift quite like security.



Bike Service

Though this one can’t necessarily go under the tree, it won’t go under-appreciated! A bike can take quite the beating during the winter season, so chances are that when spring rolls around your loved one’s bicycle will need a spruce. If they’re short on time or aren’t too confident with mechanical deep dives, why not book them in with a professional?

There’s no need to figure out the date and time that will suit best: our Brixton Cycles gift vouchers can be used to cover the cost of service labour too.




Brixton Merch

It wouldn’t be right to put together a gift idea blog without plugging our own BC merch, so if we’re the lucky recipient’s favourite shop (as we should be), these gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on their face!


Thermal Cycling Cap

A BC branded winter cap, perfect for keeping those lug holes nice and toasty in the cold whilst representing the best bike shop in town!



Brixton Bottle

Perfect for mulled wine or eggnog on the go (alcohol free, of course), these BC bottles will keep you hydrated and ready to tackle the road ahead. Don’t drink and ride, kids.



Brixton Tropical Tee

Whilst it might not be the right time of year for T-shirts, there’s no harm in planning ahead. These tropical offerings will add some class to any wardrobe and make you feel proud every time you pull it on, knowing that you’re supporting your favourite LBS!



Brixton Tropical Cap

Why not compliment your stunning tropical tee with an equally fetching BC tropical cap? Whether the sky's chucking down sunbeams or buckets of water, wear it with pride!



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