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Bike Lights Buyer's Guide

Bike Lights Buyer's Guide

Bike Lights Buyer's Guide

As we head towards the pointy end of the year, the mornings and evenings certainly aren’t getting any lighter. However, don’t let this put you off heading out on two-wheels this winter. Be seen and light the road ahead with a good set of lights and you’ll be cruising through the night. With so many options out there it’s not always easy to know what you need – this guide will shed light (excuse the pun) on what’s out there and what’s best for you!


Inner City Riding

As a city rider, it’s easy to dismiss the use of bike lights thanks to the well-lit roads, however, a decent set of bike lights doesn’t only light the path ahead, but also alert other road users of your presence. It’s surprising how well a set of blinking lights make you stand out, and it’s important to note that even in city environments it’s a legal requirement to run lights between sunset and sunrise!



Lezyne Femto USB Drive

Though small in appearance, these lights pack quite a punch. 270-degree visibility and a 15-hour max rechargeable battery life ensure you’ll stay seen whatever the time of day. The advantage of USB rechargeable batteries is the ability for manufacturers to make lightweight, compact and powerful lights yet still retain ample battery life. Sealed units will likely be more durable too as there’s less chance of user error when replacing batteries.


Bontrager Ion 100 R/Flare R City

Optimised for use in daylight and nighttime, this set is a popular choice amongst commuters as a solid set of daytime running lights thanks to their 2km range, wide beam spread, compact form factor and low weight. Fully charged in just 1.5 hours, they’re a fantastic choice for the busy city rider.


Bontrager Glo/Ember

These aren’t the kind of lights you’ll be using for night riding out in the country lanes, but for day-to-day commuting, they’re great as daytime-running & nighttime blinkers, or simply as backups to your main set. Cost-effective and efficient, the Glo/Ember lights run off cell batteries – there’s no need to keep charging these after work and will gradually fade over time as opposed to simply cutting out!



Venturing Into The Wilderness

For those riding on country lanes or tracks where street lamps are limited, a small front blinker won’t cut the mustard. As well as being seen with a compact rear light, illuminating the way ahead with a dedicated front light will help you avoid obstacles and potholes that you may encounter on your travels.



Bontrager Ion 120 Front Light

For short commutes starting or heading just outside the city limits on roads where street lamps are limited as darkness descends, the Ion 120 is a cost-effective solution to enhance your low-light vision. Powered by 3x AAA batteries it pumps out 120 lumens with 270-degree visibility, plenty enough for short routes with limited light.


Bontrager Ion Comp R

Commuting into the night or venturing onto some darker country lanes and paths? The Ion Comp R is ideal for commuters riding into the night without breaking the bank. The use of a USB rechargeable battery allows the Ion Comp R front light to retain a compact form factor and still have 700 lumens at its disposal with a max battery life of 19 hours.


Bontrager Ion Pro RT

The big daddy of the Bontrager lights range. The Ion Pro RT is ideal for those going out on longer night rides, plunged into darkness on countryside roads where street lamps are few and far between and light pollution is low. Despite the same compact form factor, this front bike light boasts an impressive 1,300 lumens and maximum battery life of 26 hours. ANT+ connectivity even allows it to sync up with your head unit for battery status and controls – what more could you ask for?



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