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Brixton Adventure Diaries - #1

Brixton Adventure Diaries - #1

Brixton Adventure Diaries - #1

Name: Shane Maher

Age: 50

Winter bike: Colossi HackneyGT steel frame on cantis CX bike on 33mm tyres.

Converted drop bar Cannondale Lefty F-Si

Trek Boone CX for races.

Summer bike: Light weight full Suss XC.

Time with Brixton Cycles Club:
10-12 years approx.

Download the GPX file



Ride journal


This is one of my favorite rides; a Knatts Valley route that still takes some beating for contrasts; from  cornfields in valleys to pine forest single track,  there’s a little something for everyone here. In dry  weather, at the back end of summer, this made for an  ideal short day to get out on my steel CX with 33mm tyres. We drove to Joydens Wood out of tiredness but you  can also get a train to Bexley which is close by. Of  course, you can also ride down from Brixton or via  Crystal Palace where the Brixton Cycles Club rides  would typically start from. You might even see some Brixton CC roadies in the Lent lanes. It’s a mix of terrain and gradients which is why it  is one of my favourite routes. As it’s such a nice quiet  area, there are walkers on some parts so watch out,  and say hi as you pass, but it's mainly away from the  tourist spots of Lullingstone nearby. You can also explore more singletrack in Joydens  Wood at the beginning or end of the ride if that’s  more your thing. There is a fun downhill section  just coming down to Shoreham which is easily done  on a CX bike so nothing too crazy. For a cafe stop, the Old Bakery Tea Room in Shoreham  has a lot of history of The battle of Britain being, in  the middle of Bomber Alley, with its crashed aircraft  bits and ordnance. Eynsford village is also a good  place to stop for a cafe too. You can loop back through here to vary the distance of your ride. I still consider this ride comparable or better than  the popular South Downs Way for contrasts, unless  you are on a coastal section or head into Friston  Forest from Brighton which is another great ride but more about that next time...



Adventure Diaries are provided by the Brixton Cycling Club. To find out more and come and ride with us check out this link

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