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Spruce Up For Spring

Spruce Up For Spring

Spruce Up For Spring

Spring is in the air, and here at Brixton Cycles we are starting to daydream of long rides out to the hills and post ride, sunset beers. We wanted to shed a light on some of the rad road bikes we've got in stock and share some of our teams expert tips on how you can get the most out of your bike this spring.



The Trek Domane Family

Trek's Domane is the bike that makes every ride more beautiful, offering the incredible comfort of an endurance road bike without compromising on performance. 

The Domane also won the 2020 Bike of the Year award from Bicycling Magazine, and we know why. IsoSpeed ​​technology eliminates vibrations, lets you ride longer with less fatigue, and the aerodynamic shape of the tubes cut through the wind. Wherever you take the Domane, you will have a fun, comfortable ride. 

The Domane is available in a wide range of sizes so that anyone, no matter their gender or body type, can ride this comfortable and amazing bike.


The Domane SLR

The Domane ALR is Trek’s top bike in the Domane range. The Domane SLR features an ultra-light 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame with adjustable front and rear IsoSpeed ​​allowing you to ride longer with less fatigue. We're not the only ones who love it: the Domane SLR platform was awarded 'Superbike of the Year' by Bikeradar! Also a sleek internal storage compartment gives you a versatile spot to stow tools and gear… thumbs up from us! 


Domane SL 6

Solid performance at an affordable price. Enjoy a high performance 500 Series OCLV carbon frame with internal storage, and a front and rear IsoSpeed ​​system for more comfort.

The Domane SL 6 is an outstanding all-around road bike! With a race-worthy spec, a lightweight carbon frame and Front and Rear IsoSpeed that soaks up fatiguing bumps so you can stay stronger for longer. This bike also features a sleek internal storage compartment giving you a versatile spot to stow tools and gear!  The stable Endurance Geometry is comfortable over long distances, but this is still a quick racing bike! 

{:2505, 2507, 2519}


Domane AL

Versatile, comfortable, affordable. The Endurance Geometry of the alloy frame, its carbon fork with IsoSpeed, and sufficient clearance to install fast rolling tires make this a comfortable and fast bike.

{:1691, 1698, 1710}


Domane +

The Domane + ALR is an aluminum electric assist bike designed for road bike lovers looking for an authentic road cycling experience with a little boost.  The sleek and efficient Fazua drivetrain will give you that extra power when you need it! 



The Madone Family 

The Trek Madone is a super performance bike - it's fast, light, fluid, and designed to give you all the benefits in speed and control. One of the world's most sophisticated road bikes, the Madone has three strings to its bow: cutting-edge aerodynamics, superior handling and unprecedented integration. 

The Madone is now lighter and faster than ever with its lightweight 80 gram frame and ultra light components.. Trek have done this using their OCLV 800 Series Carbon, which is 30% stronger than carbon laminates, but just as stiff, so that they can use less material in high stress areas and achieve an overall lighter bike.


Madone SLR

The 800 Series OCLVCarbon makes this Trek’s most powerful and lightest Madone frame. Each model comes with parts designed for racing, and some even come with electronic wireless transmissions.

{:2449, 2528}


Madone SL

The perfect choice if you want to enjoy Madone performance at an affordable price. The SL has the same features as the SLR, but it has an OCLV 500 Series carbon frame. The frame is still very light, but not as light as that of an SLR making it slightly cheaper on price point!

{:3209, 2334}



The Emonda Family 

The Emonda is a fresh bike for Trek this year with aero shaped tubes allowing a super fast ride of flat or on hills. With the Emonda, Trek did not want to sacrifice weight for speed so it’s still super light and retains a balanced handling making it a bit of a legend in racing! 


Émonda SL

The Emonda SL features super balanced qualities, superior handling and the benefits of the speed bonus offered by the new aerodynamic shape of the tubes.

{:2448, 2421}


Emonda SLR 

The Emonda SLR is Trek's fastest climber, with its frame weighing less than 700g and the aero tube shapes allow it to roll even faster!  This bike will be the fastest to the peak every time!

{:2821, 2407}



Specialized Allez 

The Specialized Allez is Specialized ‘entry level’ bike. But where they have been able to meet the price point, Specialized have not cut corners in order to compete in the entry level road bike market. Focusing in weight, refinement and reliability the Allez makes great tech available to everyone!  Whether you're just getting into road cycling, commuting, or looking for a new bike, the Allez is just as performance-packed as it is versatile.

{:1735, 1722}



Ok so now you have a good idea of what road bike you are going to dust off ready for spring shreds, how are you going to make sure it’s ready? 


Check the tyre pressure.

If you don’t already have one, invest in a quality air pump with a wide base to stand on, and large gauges that are easy to read. Stick to the tire manufacturer's recommended pressure level.


Give it a scrub

Wash off winter salt, sand, grime and manky sweat from all those turbo sessions! Using a mild detergent and warm water, give your bike a bath. This will brighten its appearance and extend the overall lifespan of the frame and components.


Tune it up!

If you are not confident on doing this yourself then give us a call. Springtime is often the busiest time of year for tuning up bikes reader for sunny spins so give us a call and get booked in!


Check your saddle bag

We have all been there...finished the last ride of the autumn with a puncture after the hedegrows have had a trim, put the bike away and forgotten to replace the used parts in our saddlebags. Make sure you open it up and give it a check before heading out on that first big ride of the year!


Check your cables.

Check your brake and shift cables for nicks and proper tension. If you find nicks or fraying, replace the cable. If you are unsure… give us a call or pop in!


Check your wheels.

Check your wheels are spinning true and tighten any loose spokes.


Replace your pads.

Check brake pads for wear and replace them if they’re getting thin. Check your brake levers too while you are at it! If the pull on the lever is too long, unscrew the barrel adjuster a few turns and test it. The brakes should not stick and should fully stop the wheel in motion.


Ergh... Sweaty grip tape!

Replace that nasty handlebar tape!


Check your trotters.

Check shoe cleats for wear and replace if needed.


Check your chain.

Check your chain tension by pressing your fingers against the top chain, you want it to move no less than 1.4 to ½ an inch.  It’s its too loose its going to come off, if its too tight it can bind and damage your gears. Loosen the rear wheel nuts on each side to pull the rear wheel back to take slack out of the chain. Over time chains can stretch, so replace your chain if needed.



Want to get your bike booked in for a spruce up before spring? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we can help. You can now even book your service online!

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