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About us



Brixton Cycles was established as a workers co-operative in 1983. We are run as a community focused bike shop, serving the Brixton and surrounding boroughs of London. What's our ethos? People before profit. Simple.

As a workers co-operative we are invested in supporting the co op model and try to support other co ops whenever possible. We strongly believe in the equal and non hierarchical benefits of co-operatives.

While we believe that the revolution will not be motorised, our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with riding bikes. We’re proud of our eco friendly parts washer and even the unbleached, recycled toilet paper we use! Just a few of the actions we have taken to become a more environmentally sustainable business.

We have been at our “new shop” on Brixton road for several years now and have seen the co operative change in many ways but our core values remain the same. Our Workshop is still awe inspiring, our product range reflects what we ourselves use and we are grateful to everyone who donated to us when we needed it most!


Meet the co-operative



When did you join Brixton? I joined Brixton Cycles in Spring 2012 and have been working with bicycles for the best part of 15-years. Although when I worked at other shops, I almost always spent my money at Brixton Cycles when it came to bike parts. It was, still is and will always be my local bike shop.

What kind of riding do you do? I love the adventure that bicycles offer, whether it be heading off in a direction without a plan, meeting mates on an overcast day at an undulating beach after riding through the light or just lobbin' ya'self down a hill on a bouncy bike. 

Current bike? I ride pretty much everything, but I've been riding BMX with my sprog recently as most of our family race or ride BMX. My Trek Fuel EX9 is rad for mountain biking, and I did plan to do some touring on my Surly in 2020, but the pandemic put a stop to that. I'll be doing the South Downs Way on my new Surly post COVID, so watch out for that!




When did you join Brixton? LINCOLN! Or Linx, Leroy, Lloyd, Larry, Linton, dread, boss, Linky, Colin or any of the other 38 names I’ve been referred to as, am Brixton Cycles longest serving member of the coop at 31 years and my face continues to represent the shop to this day. My first introduction to cycling was mountain biking, where through the 90’s, I was able to race mountain bikes as part of the Brixton Cycles shop race team. 

What kind of riding do you do? For me, the cycling was never about the results. It was about promoting Brixton in a positive light through sport. Later on, with my love of cycling technology, I progressed on to road bikes. And with weekend cycling trips over the years, it has become my preferred cycling discipline. My passion for two wheels and the wind in my hair ???? has led me on many cycling adventures on some of the most iconic roads and races in France, Spain, Italy and…of course Surrey. Cycling has also given me the opportunity to network and encourage others by utilising my cycling skills and knowledge. Proudly, for the last 2 years, I have had the honour of assisting with a special needs cycle club. Friends who know me, understand that I have always believed in making cycling more inclusive by utilising it as a way for everyone to give something back to people. It’s through all forms of cycling where friendships for life have been built from simple chats to building a community. This is what Brixton cycles is all about and what I will always be about.






When did you join Brixton? I started working at Brixton Cycles when we were in the old shop on Stockwell Road.

What kind of riding do you do? To me, bikes represent freedom and autonomy. I firmly believe cycling is for everyone: no matter your body type, gender or financial status. My personal riding centres around adventuring about on road, off-road and of course riding to the punk show. 

Current bike? Too many to note. 




When did you join Brixton? I've been with BC since the summer of '13.

What kind of riding do you do? Cycling changed my life 10 years ago when I was given a second hand bike to navigate London with, I loved it because it made me feel so free! I quit my crappy job, became a bike courier and my love for bicycles grew and grew. I ride for the freedom, for great views and the good pubs.

Current bike? Like Georgina, I've got too many to list. 





When did you join Brixton? I've been with Brixton Cycles since 2002 back when the shop had moved to Stockwell Road.

What kind of riding do you? I have been riding in and around London my whole life, whether riding MTB's in the Surrey Hills or Road Cycling in the North Downs or abroad.

Current bike? I have a lot of bikes, but the ones that get ridden the most are a Specialized SX 26", a Ritchey Logic Road bike & Trek FX2 for the commuter.



When did you join Brixton? I've been with Brixton Cycles since 2016 and a mechanic since 2002, after many years working as a cycle courier and in an independent record shop. 

What kind of riding do you do? A little bit of everything. 

Current bike? A mullet, fixed wheel 70's Roberts cross bike, and like Orange, riding fixed and SPD sandals. 




When did you join Brixton? I joined the team in the Summer of 2019. I have a background in Data & Banking. I also Chair the London Bike Polo Association.

What kind of riding do you? I ride mostly polo bikes in circles, but I have just built a Bombtrack Arise 2 for longer rides with a bit of luggage.

Current bike? Brompton x 3, Bombtrack Arise 2, 14 BikeCo ESB, Colnago C2000 & Riding in Circles Custom Polo Bike.