We've been selling Surly bikes for quite a few years now, and they're still special to us. We used to have to explain more often why you might prefer a sensible, steel framed bike to a fancy aluminium one. Nowadays a lot of our customers already know why. Practical, comfortable, versatile, durable. Components chosen for compatibility and flexibility. Colours chosen to annoy the fashionable.

(for everything else there is) The Cross Check. It might be the only bike you'll need. There are some other options if you have more particular requirements:

For quitting your job and seeing the world we have the Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, Ogre and Troll. These are also great choices if you just need something exceptionally sturdy.

For riding on trails and coming back the same day there's the Karate Monkey, the Krampus, and the 1x1.

For carrying two kids and a load of shopping we offer the Big Dummy.

For comfort at speed we have the Pacer. For singlespeed in the city we offer the Steamroller.

We'll modify any of the standard bikes or build you up something from scratch...