Luggage, Load Carrying & Trailers

Whether you want to carry your sandwiches to work or you're moving house under your own power we can advise and supply you with the equipment you need.


From basic mousetrap racks for your hybrid through to state of the art Teutonic touring excellence from Tubus, we have a variety of racks for mounting panniers, rack packs, baskets or just a newspaper. The less expensive ones are made from aluminium and are light and reasonably durable, the more expensive ones are made from tubular steel like a classic bicycle frame (only smaller), are reasonably light, very durable, and come with extended warranties to cover you during your extended world tour.


Ortlieb. Mr Ortlieb designed his panniers after he got home from a wet and bedraggled British cycling holiday. They're just about the most durably waterproof luggage a person can buy. We favour the ones with the roll top closure, there are two types (City and Classic) in two sizes (the smaller Front Roller, designed for mounting to a front rack but will fit on the back, and the larger Back Roller). The City model is just as waterproof but lacks interior pockets and has less sophisticated closure straps, costs less and we sell them singly. The Classic has the features the other model lacks, is available in more colours but only as a matching pair. The Back Roller Classic remains the most popular variation.

Bar bags, seat packs

Bar bags mount to your handlebars and are very handy while touring, giving you storage you can access without getting off the bike. The Ortliebs have a quick release mount and you can attach a waterproof map holder on top. You'll see the smaller seat packs mounted to speedy road bikes on club runs, carrying a handful of bare essentials. The larger, classic canvas bags from Carradice are normally to be found hanging from a Brooks saddle, carrying a tool roll, a day's worth of food and some extra clothing.


We have flatbed trailers from Carry Freedom, ready for mounting a variety of boxes and bags. Watch this space (or call us) for news of Chariot child trailers, temporarily unavailable due to running afoul of some regulations by being both a trailer and a pushchair (and very good at both!).

Cargo bikes

The Surly Big Dummy can handle your shopping and your kids at the same time. We can build you one to your specification and show you how to get the most out of it.