Bontrager - some info about our homeboy from back in the day

The Linx Effect - our man on the wheels of steel, Lincoln Romain, funking up the one's and two's. Give it a listen

Teddave - the website of the beautiful man himself

Velo-Re Belts - where tyres go after they die

Cambrai to Cambrai - live vicariously through these two crazy French lovebirds!

That Emily Chappell - look out world! She's coming your way!

Brixton Pound - Local money for local businesses

Bling Ya Bike - a very worthy local project


Links we Like

Sheldon Brown - the beardiest of bearded wizards

Hubstripping - even sexier than it sounds

Bicycle Doctor - our Mancunian co-op cousins

Sturmey Archer - and the 3 speeds

Moultoneers - why, yes, it is 17 inches!

Surly Long Haul Trucker and Crosscheck Owner's group - don't just take our word for it

Park Tools Repairs Help - you've got a friend in Jesus

Middle Age Shred - allow it!

Bicycle Rights - Man! Lofts! Whyyy?

Transition Town Brixton - when the lights go out...

Beastway - roid yr gert big bownsie boik!

LCC - join and get 10% off all Brixton Cycles parts and accessories

The Edible Bus Stop - growing community organically