Battery Lights

For basic LED lights we stock Cateye and Lezyne. We have the small ones which attach with a bungee cord, and the medium sized, medium power ones which aren't too heavy a drain on the disposable batteries. Front & rear sets from £20. These are the kind which are adequate for making your presence apparent to other road users, but if you often ride in places with no street lighting you'll want something brighter like the rechargeables or dynamo lights:

USB Rechargeable Lights

We stock Lezyne USB lights, high powered & rechargable right from your computer. They're dazzling if pointed straight ahead so aim them down at the road to help you see upcoming potholes. They start from £30.

Dynamo Systems

Keep losing your battery lights? "Mates" or family keep borrowing them long term? We love a hub dynamo system! You never leave home without them and they're bright enough to make SUV's pull out of your way. We sell the Shimano dynamo hubs and Busch & Muller lights. Get us to build you a wheel with your choice of rim, or choose a prebuilt Shimano/Mavic option. Let us worry about the installation and cabling. Prices from around £200 installed. Yes they're spendy but they dont cost the earth. We dont bother with cheaper "bottle" systems that attempt to run on the side of your tyre. We loathe the way they let you down. We prefer lights that hold a charge so that they stay on when you're stationary. Trying to turn right stopped in the middle of the road? No issue, lights are still on. The latest/greatest lights provide a USB socket for powering your electronic devices -- your GPS or tiny portable soundsystem will keep going as long as you do! These are expensive initially, yet over years of service they pay back brightly.