Clothing and Accessories

Our customer base is hardcore cyclists. They ride in all weathers, at all times of the year all over the city/country/world. We can't afford to stock things that don't work. Anything we stock has to pass the Brixton Cycles Customer test. What that means is we don't sell cheap tat that breaks in five minutes, and we don't sell the eye-wateringly expensive products aimed at the "lifestyle" market. If it's on our shelves, you can bet it's durable, reliable and good value for money.

We've got the locks and lights you'll need to start commuting. We've got the mudguards and comfortable waterproof clothing you'll need to keep on commuting through the winter. We've got the racks and panniers you'll want on tour. If racing is your bag, we've got the fancy disco slippers you'll want to impress at the cafe on Sunday morning and the itsy bitsy teeny weeny seat packs you'll need to carry your energy bar and CO2 inflator thingy. We sell the clip-on mudguards and gloves that mountain bikers will appreciate. Brompton afficionados will appreciate the kit we flog to make your small-wheeled journeys sweet. Long story short (too late!) we've got 'nuff clothes and accessories. 


Swrve, Endura, Gore, Specialized, Abus, Cateye, Carradice, SKS, Brompton, etc!