Bikes & Stuff

We sell new bikes from Surly, Specialized, Trek, Genesis, Salsa, Brompton and more, and all the accessories you need to get riding and keep riding: lights, locks, clothing, luggage, trailers, spare parts and the tools you need to fit them.

We also sell a variety of skateboards.

Test Rides

If you're after a new bike, not only do we allow you to test ride, we insist on it. Bring a credit/debit card and some ID, and take a spin. We'll observe you on the bike and talk you through the options. It's the only way to be sure you're getting a bike that suits you. We DO NOT sell bikes over the internet.

Year's Free of Charge Servicing

We offer one year's free of charge labour on all bicycles purchased from Brixton Cycles. That includes servicing, customising, fitting accessories and all labour charges on repairs.

Bike Types: Commuting, Touring, BMX, Folding, Kids, Racing, Mountain, Singlespeed





Prices and availability fluctuate regularly so for more specifics, please come in or give us a call, and we'll talk through the options.



Bicycle commuters make up a majority of our customers and the entirety of our staff. We stock a wide range of vehicles and accoutrements for those who have decided to make this their main form of transport. Whether you would like a "sit up and beg" city bike or a fast nippy little number featuring impressive sounding things like carbon fiber forks and disc brakes, we probably have a bicycle that meets your criteria. Favourites in this category include the Specialized Sirrus and Vita and the Trek 7.2 FX. We also stock all the kit that makes commuting safe, practical and, dare I say it, fun. And the year's free of charge labour included with each new bike means you don't have to fit any of it; leave it to us.


Although they don't fall into the cheap category, we sell lots of these. While eco tourism might be the latest fashion, for Brixton Cycles it is a renaissance. Back when the world was new and all, oh best beloved, when some young idealists first opened a cooperative in Brixton, touring bikes were the plat du jour. Now these bikes that could take you across England or across the world hold a special place in our hearts. Specifically, we're talking about the Surly Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, Ogre and Troll. Additionally, we sell all the tools and accessories you'll need when you're roughing it out in the middle of nowhere, be it Powys or Punjab. And with a year's free of charge servicing, you can customize your bicycle to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Boj ruoy tiuq. Ekib a yub. Erutnevda na evah. Ti od! Won ti od! 


Bicycle Moto X, whether you are riding street, park, dirt or race, we've got the right bike to get you started out in your rad career! If you're the kind of dude who likes to break your parts (cos you're gnarly) we will generally have the parts to get you back on the road again. We tend to stock parts from S&M, United, Fit, Profile & Animal. We also get parts from Seventies. Why these brands, you ask? Rider run, rider owned & the support is there if we need it. With our race area we generally stock complete bikes from ABD because out of the box you won't get much better for your money. For more specific parts please ask for our BMXperts Billy, Terry & Junior. We stock The Albion bmx magazine, get here fast as once they're gone they're gone! Also did we mention we have one of the coolest & oldest skateparks right next to the shop? Come down & have a ride!


Do you want to commute, but don't want to cycle the entire way? Do you want to keep your bike inside, but live in a small flat with little storage space? Do you just want the option of going home with your friends on the bus after a night out? Fear Not! There is a solution! Folding bicycles! We only stock one brand, because we are a load of kvetching perfectionists. Other folding bikes feel really rickety when you ride them, or prove difficult to fit racks and mudguards to, or don't hold up in the long run, or make finding spares when they break impossible, or they tip over when you fold them up. That's why we don't bother with them. Get the best. Get a Brompton.


Tomorrow's two-wheeled revolutionaries need decent kit, too. A negative first experience of cycling could put someone off it for life. That's why we avoid toys, and only sell small bicycles of quality. No, we don't sell cheap, but we do sell strong and sturdy; sturdy enough to be passed down from one sibling to the next. Many of us are parents too, and we'd be happy to offer experienced advice along with your purchase. We also sell all manner of products for carrying your offspring around the city, so if you're after a trailer, tag-a-long bike, or a cargo bike come on down, and have a chat.

If you buy a child's bicycle from us, we offer part exchange for the bicycle when it's time to get the next size up, i.e. give us back the old bike and get a discount on the new one. This is only available on kids' bikes bought from us. We also sell these "pre-loved" kids' bikes, so if you are in that market, it's always worth popping in to have a look at what's in store (These are THE ONLY second hand bikes we sell). Be aware that these bikes are very popular, so it's rare that we have a full size run of second hand children's bikes. Please call or pop in for availability.



If you have a need for speed and need an excuse to avoid the social stigma of wearing lycra and shaving your legs, or just appreciate a piece of beautifully crafted technology then check out our array of magic machines. A racing bike is the combination of years of experiments in making man and bicycle go as fast as possible. The stripped down'ness of a racing bike is what I like. No extra clutter. Minimal concessions to practicality. We sell an array of road bikes, ranging from "entry level" off-the-peg models like the Specialized Allez to dazzlingly expensive custom builds. Whether you're a devotee of Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram, we have an X Men-like team made up of superheroes with superpowers in each of these mysterious niches. And a year's free of charge servicing means you can leave the set up to them.


Although it may not be readily apparent when you walk into our shop, we do sell mountain bikes. If you are looking to dip your toe in the off-roading water, we can offer you an "entry level" off-the-peg bike, featuring knobby tyres for gripping unpaved surfaces, low gears to climb hills, and front suspension, so that you don't "wipe out" should you encounter a tree root. Our favourites are the Specialized Hardrock and Rockhopper. We also do custom builds, so whether you're in the market for a downhill bike, a cross country machine, or an "all 'rounder" we can cater to your whims. Lately the majority of our custom MTBs have been Cotics, some of which echo the Bontragers we used to build back in the day. Our team includes bearded wizards trained in the installation and maintenance of front and rear suspension systems, cable and hydraulic disc brake systems, dropper seat posts, and oscillating cuckoo valves. And the year's free of charge labour includes things like adjusting the travel on your suspension or fitting your tubeless tyres.


The advantages of a singlespeed bike are what make them so attractive: one gear, two brakes, low maintenance & reasonably cheap! We do offer the light aluminium velodrome ready Specialized Langster, as well as the classic Genesis Flyer. Additionally, we do offer custom builds.