Who We Are




Brixton Cycles is a worker-owned cooperative with a mission: to inspire a revolution.


Ghandi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We strive to embody this ethic. Brixton Cycles is fully committed to our core values, which are:


·      A passion for cycling: Everyone who works at Brixton Cycles is themselves a cyclist. As cyclists, we know where you are coming from, and our first hand experience is a resource for our customers. We believe wholeheartedly that cycling can make the world a happier, healthier and more environmentally sustainable place. To us bicycles are not merely sports equipment; they are tools of empowerment and societal change.


·      A commitment to collectivism: our alternative model of how a business is run better than the traditional business structure. If feminism is “the radical notion that women are people,” then cooperatives are based on the radical notion that competent professionals don’t need some dude in a suit telling them what to do. Our equal and democratic structure allows new younger members the agency to try out new creative ideas, and allows our more senior members to lead with an authority based on knowledge and experience, as opposed to arbitrary economic hierarchy. Most businesses would be more efficient, more pleasant to work for, better at what they do, and a more positive experience for their patrons if they were cooperatives. As a customer, you receive the full attention of a managing director every time you step onto our shop floor, and you can be sure that what we are selling you is based our experience rather than pressure from our higher-ups to make money for the shareholders.


·      A responsibility of care for the community: Brixton Cycles has its roots in the Brixton community, and to that community we are beholden. A business cannot simply draw money out of its environment; it must also give back to that environment. The expression of this commitment takes many forms, from lending out free tools and pumps to offering bike maintenance courses for women and marginalized individuals.  We don’t do this for the PR; this is our heritage.




·      A dedication to diversity: Brixton Cycles grew organically, out of the diverse South London environment. We are not a business that has retroactively instituted corrective inclusivity policies; we are a business made up of individuals of many different nationalities, genders, abilities, sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds, and we always have been. Brixton Cycles has had women, queer people and people of colour among its managing directors since the 1980s. Our diversity as individuals makes us incalculably stronger as a collective.





Brixton Cycles is a worker’s cooperative, established in 1983. For more information, please see our history page.