About Us

We are a workers' co-operative and this is what we do:


Being a long-established co-op we know the value of impartial advice. It’s based on decades of combined experience rather than a boss's whim or an accountant's bottom line. How can we help?


We sweat to keep you rolling!


We love seeing a cyclist grin as they take their first test ride on their new bike. We work with our customers to find the right bike and setup, and offer a year's free of charge servicing on all bikes. Simple, no gimmick. Good after sales service gives us an edge in a crowded market.


From the brands we admire and use ourselves. Be it Campagnolo cassettes, Shimano derailliers. Sturmey Archer hubs. Park workstands. Tubus racks or Ortlieb panniers. Our stock reflects practicality not just profit margin.