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We sell a wide range of tools and spares, from the basics you need to repair a flat when you're out to the more esoteric bits you'd need for more serious home mechanics.

When you're out riding, a small selection of tools will cover most emergencies.

As a basic package you will need a pump, a puncture repair kit, tyre levers, and a set of allen (hexagon) keys. It's a good idea to carry a spare tube too. A little bag to keep everything in is handy - seat packs keep everything tidy and hang neatly under your seat but any bag of about the right size will do the job.

If you'd like the in-house repair manual, try 'The Total Bike Maintenance Book: DIY Repairs Made Easy' by Mel Allwood, informed by her extensive experience in the Brixton Cycles workshop.

We have a limited selection of tools for customers to borrow to do basic repairs in front of the shop, and when we have a free moment we can offer help using them.


Some helpful websites to visit:

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Remember, kids: no manners = no spanners!

Brixton Cycles shop front